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DSEAR and ATEX Consultancy Services

We offer a full range of consultancy services for DSEAR, covering all aspects of explosive atmospheres and their management.

Having successfully managed and implemented many DSEAR projects for a number of prestigious clients across the EU we have the experience to assist you in all aspects of HAZOP Management

Area Classification

Where hazardous substances are used, the storage and use of such goods poses a serious hazard unless basic safety principles are followed.

Then you must be aware of the hazards of various types of flammable substance; be aware of the basic standards, which apply to safe handling and storage of flammable substances; introduce procedures to prevent accidents and protect people from the hazards of flammable substances; find more detailed information when you need it.

Site Surveys

The DSEAR Regulations require companies to evaluate their operations for any work activities involving dangerous substances.

This is the main risk assessment module in DSEAR and there are several guidance documents to assist in the process of area classification.

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DSEAR Training

We deliver a range of half-day, one-day, two-day and three-day DSEAR Training courses covering all aspects of the regulations, from a basic overview for non-operational staff through to detailed training for those responsible for site wide compliance

ATEX Training

We deliver a range of half-day, one-day, two-day and three-day ATEX Equipment Training courses covering all aspects of product compliance, from a basic overview for non-operational purchasing staff through to detailed training for those responsible for design and installation of EX Equipment

CE Mark Consultancy

Here at DSEAR Consultancy we have many years experience in many industries, delivering CE Marking and CE Compliance management services and training, either offering Self Certification for CE Marking using our CE Marking Scheme or undertaking the complete CE Compliance project.

Risk & Hazard Assessment

Using specialist risk assessment and hazard analysis techniques for all the major EU CE Directives and applying a holistic approach ensures that we provide the best level of service.

Conformity or Incorporation

We have assisted many manufacturers and importers of machinery to successfully CE Mark their products and develop all the CE Compliance documentation, such as Technical Files and Declarations of Conformity or Incorporation, and then managing these in an efficient way.

CE Legislation updates..

When new Directives, Standards or Regulations are published, we review the impact on our clients products

Pro-active CE Compliance Management

Pro-actively assessing the requirements and providing cost effective solutions to update their Documentation to reflect these new requirements.

Please contact us to see how we may be able to assist you in managing your whole compliance regime.

The cost benefit to you is potentially paying for our services.

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