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Low Voltage Directive

There are two aspects to the application of the Low Voltage Directive to equipment and ptotective systems used in Hazardous Areas.

Firstly, the LVD excludes itself from application to electrical equipment which is for use in hazardous areas within it's scope.

Secondly, where equipment is used to support electrical equipment contained in a hazardous, yet itself is not in this area then the LVD does apply.

Therefore for protective systems where part of the equipment is outside the Hazardous Area then theLVD must be complied with.

Conformity Assessment

As with all the New Approach Directive there are associated conformity assessment routes depending upon the type of equipment.

For support equipment outside a hazardous area then an assessment of the type of equipment needs to be made and thus establish the correct assessment module, the LVD has the essential health and safety requirements set out therein, which then need to be addressed.

Explosion Protection Document

Part of the DSEAR Requirements is the need to create a suitable documentation regime which describes the systems, equipment and support information for safe use of the equipment and protective systems employed.

We can assist in creating this, explaining clearly all the conformity assessments and compliance requirements for your equipment and protective systems

Associated Euronorms

We have given here some of the specific Euro Norms associated with compliance for hazardous area equipment


The electrical safety for machinery standard where your equipment forms part of a machine then this is the applicable standard to ensure LVD Compliance


Where your equipment is measuring, control or for laboratory use then this is the applicable standard to demonstrate compliance to the LVD

There are others, just contact us if you thinks other should be included here

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